Erasmus Students

Erasmus Students

Erasmus… the most interesting adventure you are going to live during your university life! Change your city and meet new people, new cultures and new languages.

You are going to experience new sensations… You are not going to live next to your city or in a few kilometres… You are going to leave your country!

If we think about any disadvantage of the Erasmus…. And we can only find advantages! You will grow professionally and personally.

You are going to meet people that in the future will be part of your family. You are going to learn how to live in a big family. Some Erasmus stduents have chosen our residence Students to start this new adventure..,, so that is a good opportunity for everybody!

If you live in a foreign country and you have chosen Spain as your next destination, we invite you to live this experience in our residences. You will feel as home and you will enjoy a lot Granada!

 If you are a sport lover, you only have to go to Sierra Nevada to live your dreams! By the way, if you are a summer lover… Visit the “costa tropical” of Granada. It’s plenty of beautiful beaches with fantastic views.

Do you want to discover anything more? Go to the Stadium and live as an authentic footballer!

So do not hesitate to visit us and get information about the Erasmus!




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