Food during exams

Food during exams

Food during exams

Students, final exams are coming! We want to be with you in every moment and now it will not be less. This post it’s dedicated to tell you the importance of food during exams.

First of all, you have to know that our brain consumes 20% of the energy’s properties of the food we eat, so we can imagine the quantity it consumes while we are studying.

What is the best thing you can do? If you are thinking of a high amount of carbohydrates, you are right, because if this component weren’t in our body, the brain unconsciously will think in protein or fats, which would not be good for us.

How many times per day we should eat? About 5 times and even 6. During the free hours between breakfast, lunch and dinner, it would be a good choice to eat fruit, yogurt, cereals, nuts…

Food such as oily fish; salmon (which helps you to concentrate) tuna, sardines, anchovy, mackerel or butterfish (that gives you omega 3). Carrots, eggs, spinach, bananas, green tea, chocolate, cranberries (that will help you to combat stress levels). Nuts like walnuts, almonds or oats will be your partners during exams. You have to increase the quantity of food with vitamins B and E to increase the ability to concentrate.


So… during these months we want to take care of you with our energetic breakfast, and with a Mediterranean diet in lunch and dinners.

We also know that being all day sitting in front of a book or a computer can lead to deconcentration so we offer you a space to relax or to kip fit!

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