Can I visit Student Suites to see the facilities?

You can visit it with a prior appointment. Call us and we shall establish a day and hour so that you can see the residence hall.

How I will know if I have been selected?

Practically at the moment, on your arrival you will have a short interview and we will let you know if you are apt or not. After that, you must formalize the registration.

Which is the selection process?

We consider the date of payment apart from the short interview.

How is the monthly payment?

By direct debit payment between the 1st an 5th of each month. For more information, please visit payments.

The monthly price includes everything?

The monthly price includes all the services except the parking.

What is the schedule for the student’s entrance and departure?

The residents don’t have any schedule. The centre is open 24 hours. The student has his own access key.

Can I host in my room family or friends?

Any partner that stays in the centre after 24.00h pm should had been authorised by the direction. Paying for the night.

Can any friend come to study or eat?

Visitors should be all the time with the resident (previous notice to the direction) To use the canteen the visitor must pay for the menu.

Smoking is allowed in Students Suites or Students XD?

Smoking is only allowed outdoors.

Can I stay during the Christmas holiday or Easter?

Students Suites and Students XD don’t close, so you can stay until your contract finishes.

Can I stay during the summer holidays?

Yes, but you should report that in advance and renew your contract.

In which schedule can I enter to the residence once I have been admitted?

From the day that your contract starts, (prior notice, by e-mail or by telephone).

Can I enter during the weekend?

Of course you can.

Do you have waste disposal service?

Sorry but each student must take out his rubbish and throw it to the refuse container next to the residence.

Do you have housekeeping service?

Yes, housekeeping is a service included in the monthly charge. Once a week if you want, we will clean your room.

Do you have dining room in Students Suites and Students XD?

Of course, with everything you need. In Student Suites there are two dining rooms in the attic the first one is outdoors to enjoy the good weather and the second one is not outdoor but you can enjoy the fantastic views too.

What happened if I leave the residence during the course and I don’t stay the entire course?

In that case, you will lose the deposit. In addition, your stay will be regularized in order to our Internal Regulation for these cases.