Internal regulation



Students Suites and Students XD (Granada) is a socio-educational infrastructure organised by the Imagine Emotions S.L (From now IE) society guidelines.

This Regulation will govern the practical and day-to-day operation of the Residence. The Residence integration assume the active acceptance of each and every rules.

Students Suites and Students XD (From now SS), is a residential complex designed to offer the students a comfortable accommodation with television, fridge and a work environment.

The accommodation includes the right to enjoy a single or shared room (with shared bathroom), housekeeping service in the rooms, a dining room, common rooms, Internet, sun terrace and a sports centre.

The purpose of the internal rules is to establish a behaviour and usage patterns on the part of the costumer. It is the customer’s responsibility to know and complying them during the hole stay. SS has as priority to offer a place for the study. All rules will be applied to ensure their compliance. Residents are of legal age and this is how they should act. The responsibility falls on themselves. There will be a legal tutor for those who are not of legal age.

SS is not responsible of damages or accidents suffered by the resident misplaced.


It is noteworthy that both centres:

  • Provide accommodation to the students of the University of Granada who do not have a residence in the city of Granada.
  • Could accommodate pre and post graduate students from other Universities, communities or countries, teachers or researchers and students on exchange programmes.
  • On periods of space availability, people participating in activities organised or in which collaborate the University of Granada, the Granada Town Hall and the youth institutions, will be hosted. Also, if there is availability, we may temporarily accepted young people who travel to Granada for study, exchange or visit.


SS shows that has concerted a legal liability policy with the Spanish Company (MAPFRE).

The resident must inform in the enrolment process about all the circumstances medical that the direction should know.


Resident’s rights

  1. To work, participate and cooperate in the academic pursuit and in the spare time or cultural activities sponsored by SS.
  2. The right to be informed of the centre agreements.
  3. The right to use and enjoy the facilities in the conditions established in the current regulation.
  4. To guarantee respect for their physical and moral integrity and personal dignity.
  5. The right to respect the hours of work and rest.
  6. The right to freedom fulfilling the established requirements.
  7. To occupy and possess the room during the period of the contract. The room is equipped by a bed, a desk and a chair, a cupboard, a bedside table, a 22 flat screen TV, a mirror and a fridge.
  8. The right to use the common areas as well as the canteen service, from Monday to Friday, the laundry and the Wi-Fi.


  1. Access to the rooms and the residence

1.1.The reception desk is open 24 hours (no closing time), seven days a week.

1.2. The access is carried out using a coded card that will be delivered to the student when the reservation is formalised. The card is personal and non-transferable. In the event of loss or theft, the student should notify it in the reception. Another card will be given to the student with a deposit of 3 Euros.

1.3 The student authorises to be recorded in the entry and the common zones. The centres are registered with the Data Protection Agency in compliance with the current legislation.

1.4. All the visits should be noted in the registration book in the reception. Visitors should inform about the entry and departure time and they could not enter to the residence before 10.00 am and they should leave it before 23.00pm. Visitor could not walk alone and they could not enter to the rooms or another zone, except the first floor, without the management improvement.

1.5. It is completely forbidden that the visitors stay overnight without registering. Then, this will be the responsibility of the resident. The breach of this policy will suppose the immediate expulsion of the visitors and can also suppose the expulsion of the resident. The overnight stay conditions will be carried out according to the 2.13 point.

2. Accommodations in the rooms

2.1. To assure the work and rest, students are invited to turn the music down. Speakers or audio amplifiers are forbidde In any case, any noise (music, TV, conversations or meetings) must stop before 23.00pm and continue at 10.00am.

2.2. Pets are not allowed in rooms.

2.3. The use of ovens, stoves or heaters is prohibited (except in the bathroom and under expressed authorization given by the direction), being the student the responsible for any damage derived from its use.

2.4. It is forbidden to manipulate or use improperly security features such us fire extinguishers, fire hose, emergency doors. It is penalized as a serious penalty.

2.5.Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the residence, with the exception of the sun terrace.

2.6. It is forbidden to hang posters or stickers that could damage the walls or the doors of the residence. It is also forbidden to drill the wall or hanging any objects.

Any object will be placed in the facade. Any damage or repair is the responsibility of the resident, and the cost of repairing or replacing it will be charged or withheld from the deposit.

2.7. Changes or furniture additions are not allowed. If there are special circumstances, consult with the direction.

2.8. The room cleaning service takes place weekly. The rooms should be available from 9.00 am, and they should be tidy. Also the beds and the floor must be free of objects. When a room has not been cleared before 12.00 am or not comply with a minimum conditions, will be understood that the resident gives up the service. If for some reasons you don’t want the room cleaning service, please notify it. The possession of common objects is also forbidden.

2.9. The energy savings is a common responsibility so we should make a proper use of the electric fluid. SS will take the necessary measures to avoid the unnecessary energy use.

2.10. Laundering in the room, hanging the clothes out or use the balcony as a storage area is not allowed.

2.11. The cost of repairing, result from improper use, will be charged to the responsible student. The cost of the material is the following: Paint from 100 to 200 euros, TV 300 euros, remote control 30 euros, shower screen (XD) 600 euros, desk 150 euros, chair 50 euros.

2.12. IE is not responsible for property left in the rooms or for the loss of private belongings in other rooms of the building.

2.13. Residents guests that make a night stay with the special rate should noted it in the registration book in the reception.

2.14. It is strictly forbidden to leave the door room open as well as anything else that breaches the room security.

3. Common-use regime:

3.1. As noted above, IE offers the customers a number of common facilities whose preservation depends on the use of it. So the resident must not cause any damage or impairment. The person responsible will be, in any case, the resident.

3.2. The common facilities must be used by the residents within the timetable established by the IE.

3.3.It is strictly forbidden to enter in the direction working area.

3.4. The use of the common kitchen on weekends or festivities involves the cleaning of the kitchen utensils. Infringement of the regulation can lead consequences.

3.5. Drinking alcohol is not permitted.

3.6. The customers that have rented a parking space, shall be responsible for damages caused to the facilities. SS does not assume responsibility for the damages.

3.7. The residents that were alone in a twin room, are required to re-homed, as directed by the direction, changing room if necessary.

3.8. The common areas and the entrances have security cameras and video surveillance systems.

4.Meal plan

4.1. The meal plan is a menu. It is not allowed to take crockery or glassware from the dining room. The food exposed in the buffet is to eat in the dining room, students will be permitted to take food out of the designated eating areas. All meals, will be held in the dining room. You may not use the living room or any other facility of the residence for this purpose.

4.2. Full-board accommodation includes: breakfast, lunch and dinner from the 24th September to the 30th June.

4.3.Residents that need special diets must notify it at the time of entry into the centre.

4.4. The dinning room will only be used by the residents and authorised people by SS. If you want to access with a partner, you must buy a ticket before the meal in the reception. The ticket must be delivered before eating to the dining room staff.

4.5.The stipulated meal schedules will be respected at all times. If there is an incompatibility, must be notified. Failure to report the incidence in advice, (1 hour before the start), will be understood that the resident reject the service.

5. Payment obligation

5.1. The resident must pay the current rates, provided to the customer at the time of enrolment. The non-payment of 2 months involves the immediate removal of the resident. The five-days delay involves a surcharge of five percent (5%), if the delay increases, the charge will increase too.

5.2. Apart from the special rates, the resident must pay any charges for service (parking, visitors charge…). This charges will be billed by GS together the current rates. The non-payment of extra expenses has the same effect that the general rates.

5.3. A non full month will be paid for days staying in the residence.

6. General regime and renewals

6.1. The centre engages only to keep the place provided to the resident for the period expressly hired. If advanced departure, the resident loses the right of the square together with the lost of the deposit and payments. The leave shall be communicated in writing, and the month’s rent shall be paid too. If the student wants to expand the departure date, must communicate it to the reception in advance (subject to availability and right of admission. The current VAT will be applied to the rates and services.

6.2. The recruitment of a resident place gives the right to use the room assigned by the reception. All the residents must deposit a security in advance to occupy the room.

6.3.In a twin room, the resident has the right to occupy only a bed, not the entire room.

6.4.The delay or temporary absence for any reason of the residence, does not free us from the obligation to pay fees accrued, unless the absence were due to a valid reasons and understood by SS. It must have been writing 3 months in advance.

6.5.At the end of the contracted period, the resident must leave his room before 12.00 of the departure day and removes his belongings. The direction will pick up the abandoned objects considering that the resident renounces to his possessions.


6.7.  Once the resident has left the room, it will be check that the room has perfect conditions and there has been no damage in accordance with the previous clause 2.11 in which case it will be charged or withheld an extra charge from the deposit.

6.8. The fact of being housed in the residence for a period of time does not produce any right to the residents or obligations for IE to renew their stay for the new course. All the residents who wish renew their application for the next course, must apply again for his admission.

6.9. The amount of the deposit, will be returned in the minimum period of one month and a maximum of three calendar months after the end of the stay. The amount is not refunded if the student renounces the place or abandons early.

7. Breach of duty

7.1. The resident is obliged to comply the obligations and rules of operation. The noncompliance will be communicated to the centre’s management and it may cause the deprivation of rights or the immediate removal.

7.2.It is considered as serious breach the followings behaviours, which could imply the immediate removal:

1. The practice of hazing to SS residents

2. The possession or use of illegal drugs

3. Thefts and damages

4.The intentional destruction, damage or loss of material or dependencies of the centre

5. Abuses or lack of respect

6.The repeatedly offending or the non-observance ordered by the direction

7.  The possession of any substance or object prohibited

8. Any party in the suite is forbidden

A bad behaviour and an attitude that disagrees with the manifest SS to maintain an environment that promotes an environmental of work and study, will be considered a serious misconduct liable to be punished with the removal of the resident. This behaviour will be required in the residence, perimeter and in the adjacent spaces.

The following offences will cause the following punishments:

  • Minor misconduct:
    • Verbal warning
    • Written warning
    • Parents will be notified
    • Economic charges of expenses and/or damages occurred
    • At the 3rd minor misconduct, the student must pay a bill of 50€.


  • Major offenses:
    • Warning letter or notification to the parents
    • Loss of seniority resident
    • Economic charges of expenses and/or damages occurred
    • Temporary removal (maximum 3 months)
  • Very serious offenses:
    • Economic charges of expenses and/or damages occurred
    • Definitive removal
    • Disqualification to take place at the residence
    • The commission of any offense or crime punishable by law, which involves the immediately removal


In case of removal, the resident must leave the residences SS and SXD within 24 hours or immediately depending on the circumstances, from which will be communicated that fact by the Direction of the SS and the student will lose the deposit and any other amount that had been forwarded by any concept.

8. Other rules:

8.1. SS is not an education centre within does not have any school insurance. If medical care necessary, SS will appeal to medical services or to the emergency department of the nearest hospital, unless the resident needs another special medical service. In any case, the costs of medical care or emergency services incurred will be paid by the resident.

8.2. Any action or initiative of residents that affects to the life of the residence and not covered by this regulation, must be authorized by the management.

8.3. IE reserves the right to modify the current policy.

8.4. The status of the permanent residents involves the acceptance of rules.

8.5. The renovation of the contract depends on the behaviour. And the care of rooms and facilities, the responsibility in energy waste and the academic performance would be taken into account.