Sport Students

Sport Students

Sport Students

This post it’s going to be dedicated to sport. Everybody knows how important is sport for health. In recent years it has also become a lifestyle among adolescents and the adults. Sport helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and sometimes it also helps to avoid the consumption of Tabaco.

Doing some sport, you can improve your mental and physical health, but it also makes you feel better about yourself and it eliminates toxins and produces serotonin. It helps your memory…

Practice sport to create a physical and mental future in good conditions . At school we are taught that sport is very important for our health. That’s the reason why there is a sport class. Our residences are conscious too so we organize sport trips for example to Sierra Nevada.

Sports are good to activate the energy of our Students. It also helps to meet new people and new places. Going to the gym or going rum are two fantastic ideas for your free time. You are improving your help and you can also enjoy a good time with your friends.

We have as proposal to eliminate the sedenteray lifestyle of our routine, so we want our Students generate plans to encourage physical activity, as trips, sports teams … In addition, we have a wonderful gym where you can practice sports or keep your body on movement!

We encourage you to be part of the collective teams that are signed up each year by the UGR. Do you want to join them? Just send us an email and we will inform you about it!


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