Students’ philosophy

Students’ philosophy

We want you to know the Students’ philosophy. We are based on 3 important things.

  • Healthy lifestyle (sport and food)
  • Leisure
  • Eco mentality

We care about the health of our Students, that is why we take care of our kitchen. We want a healthy life for our residents.  Natural food is an essential ingredient in our foods. We know that the most important meal, especially during the exam period, is the breakfast. We love surprise you with special breakfasts rich in fiber, cereal and milk products, very nutritious and with lots of vitamins…

We understand that the study is important but our students also need to have fun. We love having fun and doing it in a healthy way, with sports activities, trips to Sierra Nevada, championships … Besides having fun with sport, we also enjoy our free time with the other Students and the staff of the residences. We organize three essential parties per year: The opening, Christmas and the closure.

We do recycling campaigns, we take care about the importance of water and artificial electricity… Currently we are growing and creating new projects such as organic gardens, more activities related to the environment …

The desire to improve every day is one of our main objectives. WE love the dynamism of young people!

After telling you a little bit about our philosophy…

do not think about it and contact us!


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