Students Curso 2016/17

Students Curso 2016/17

We want to share with you the best places to visit in Granada. We want our Students enjoy Granada in their free time because everything is not going to by books.

Granada shares with you fantastic moments in every place on it. Albayzin and Sacromonte are two of the best neighbourhood of the city.

At first, you can do a fantastic touristic route through the bars and restaurants, and then you can go to meet the authentic Granada’s life.

We recommend you to buy Granada Card because with it you can pass to the most important monuments in Granada as the Alhambra

Alhambra, the Cathedral, the Royal Chappel, the Monastery of San Gerome and Cartuja, the “Parque de las ciencias” or the “Museo de las Cajas” are included in the Card.

Arab baths “El Bañuelo” are another mandatory visit if you wan to travel through the time.

But the most beautiful plan is being lost into the Albayzin’s viewpoints. and listening the street artists playing any instrument and singing a lot of sings. “Mirador de San Nicolás” or “Mirador de San Miguel el Alto” are two of the most popular viewpoints.

So… Where do you can start your afternoon route in Granada?

You can start your route taking a milkshake in “Bohemia Jazz Café” next to “Plaza de los lobos”.

If you continue your route in this area, you will arrive to Pedro Antonio de Alarcón , a street full of bar and students where you could enjoy a tapa XXL with a beer or Coca cola for less than 2 €. There are also some discos with pop music as Vogue, Polaroid, Campus… But if you want to party all night you have to go to Mae West and enjoy its fantastic terrace.

After this expedition route by your future city, we are willing to organize a welcome party for our Students and our Staff.

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